5¼ Disk Drive Module

A double density disk drive for those who prefer the disk storage medium.
This state of the art accessory allows data storage of up to 360K bytes or
characters on readily available 5¼" floppy disks. Information retrieval is
swift and efficient, making it ideal for applications requiring frequent disk
access. Most ADAM software will be available on 5¼" disks as well as
the standard digital data packs. The 5¼" Disk Drive will work with all
ADAM software, including SmartWRITER word processing and CP/M®­
based programs. The Disk Drive Module fits easily into the Memory
Console and can be used in conjunction with the Digital Data Drive. And
whenever the user is ready, adding a second Disk Drive will be easy.


(Not seen in the wild)



Tractor Feed

Tractor Feed for SmartWRITER™ Printer
Designed especially for ADAM! Snaps on to the SmartWRITER printer
to securely hold continuous-feed fanfold paper in any width up to 9%". This
will make using the printer even quicker and more convenient, since paper
will no longer have to be loaded one page at a time.


64K Memory Expander

Adds 64K bytes of RAM to give the ADAM system a total of 144K
Random Access Memory. It increases the workspace capacity of
SmartWRITER word processing by 64,000 characters ... a full 32 pages
of double-spaced text. It's a "card" that plugs directly into a slot beneath
the access door of the Memory Console. Once it's in place, users can run
more complex programs. The Memory Expander will increase the
impressive power of ADAM, and add immeasurably to versatility.

(Not seen in the wild)



ADAM Universal Interface

Never released, though mentioned in the ADAM CP/M 2.2 manual. Implements
one ADAMnet serial port (DB·25) and one ADAMnet parallel port (Centronics
30pin ) with a single 6801 CPU. It is a box which attaches to the left side of
the system console at the ADAM printer port: the regular ADAM printer plugs
into the device and power is passed through it to the system console. One
working example is known to exist


(Prototype in the Wild)

ADAMLink 1200 Direct Connect Modem

ADAMLink 1200 Direct Connect Modem
An advanced 1200/300 baud full duplex modem at an unheard-of low price
point! ADAMLink 1200 has its own built-in microprocessor. It connects
right in to ADAM-Net and it couples directly to the phone line, too. No
additional interface is necessary and there are no clumsy receiver cups.
The ADAM Link Telecommunications software package is included, which
incorporates advanced features that will make the Modem easier to use,
such as automatic dialing and 1200/300 baud speed selection. Electronic
banking can be handled efficiently and electronic mail sent at high speed.
With the Modem, ADAM also becomes a terminal to access information
services such as CompuServe, The Source, Dow Jones and ADAM
On-Line, a new information service directed specifically at ADAM users.
The package also includes a free sampling of CompuServe and ADAM


(Owned by Howard Eglowstein. The prototype was made for us by Anchor Automation, and is essentially a Hayes-compatible with a 6801 board talking serial to it.)


ADAM 3¼ inch disk drive


(Prototype in the Wild)


ColecoVision/ADAM Voice Module


for ADAM and ColecoVision®

Here's the new kid on the block! It's the KID VID Voice
Module and adapter for ColecoVlsion and ADAM. It's so
easy to install .. . the adapter plugs in through the Expansion
Port and connects directly to the Voice Module. This
instantly transforms ColecoVision® or ADAMT into a talking
educational system. Kids will be enthralled, spending hour
after hour watching, playing, listening, and learning! The
Voice Module uses realistic human voices, music, and
enhanced sound effects to coordinate with the action of
specially-designed learning games! And, when it's not
being used for games, the Voice Module doubles as a
quality portable cassette recorder.

(Not seen in the wild)