Digital Data Pack J-Cards



Sword & The Sorcerer (#7701)

Inulti-screen adventure, you help the hero and his magical sword fight his way past the evil king's soldiers, get the hidden key to the castle, find the captive lady...then, help her evade the lethal serpant and escape the enchanted city. this magical m

Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (#7702)

You relive history as Ulysses of Ancient Greece. The king has assigned you the task of retrieving the legendary "Golden Fleece". You encounter many of the famous foes of mythology as you voyage through ancient seas and mystic lands to achieve your objectives.

Cranston Manor (#7703)

Old man Cranston was one of the richest (and greediest) men who ever lived...and he wanted no one to share his wealth, even after his death. It's your goal to find your way into the manor and recover the 16 different treasures hidden there.


Troll's Tale (#7704)

Public Domain Release No J-Card

Troll's Tale (198x) (Coleco) (Prototype).ddp

Troll's Tale (198x) (Coleco) (Prototype).dsk

Dracula (#TBD)

In Production by

Tunnels & Trolls (#7700)

Escape for a while into the fantasy world of monsters, heros and dungeons. Use your weapons (and magic spells, too!) to capture the treasure guarded by deadly denizens of the underground.

Tunnels & Trolls (198x) (Coleco) (Demo).dsk

B&W J-Card Release Only

B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (1984) (Coleco (Canada) Limitee').ddp

B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (1984) (Coleco (Canada) Limitee').dsk

B&W J-Card Release Only

Dam Busters, The (1984) (Coleco (Canada) Limitee').ddp

Dam Busters, The (1984) (Coleco (Canada) Limitee').dsk

SUPER SUBROCK (#2630)DDP (#9636)5¼

SubRoc Super Game (1984) (Coleco) (Prototype).ddp


Wizard of Oz (#TBD)

Under Production Consideration by

SUPER WAR GAMES (#7707)DDP (#9640)5¼














Best of Synapse Album (#7853)DDP (#9646)5¼

NECROMANCER -The age of darkness is upon us. Tetragorn, the evil wizard, rules supreme with the dreaded legions of Araknid. Only Iliuminar (that's you), defender of truth and protector of the human race, can challenge his might. Gather your armies to destroy the allies of the prince of darkness, then fight Tetragorn himself in one-to-one combat.

ENCOUNTER - n a world similar to our own, but billions of light years away, a battle is about to begin. A battle for this deserted little planet? No. There is no intelligent life here. This planet is a test! Conceived by a race of beings long forgotten, it was built as a training enclave for their greatest warriors. It has stood undisturbed since before the earth's creation; but now, the combat grid has been activated! Prepare yourself. It is your turn for the Encounter!


Best of Sierra-On-Line Album (#7854)DDP (#9647)5¼

TROLL'S TALE - A wicked troll has stolen 16 treasures from the Dwarf King, and your task is to find them. Move into troll's territory, choosing your options with the ADAM'''' keyboard. When you encounter a troll, you must leave the scene, returning when the troll has gone. You get a reward for finding each treasure.

JAWBREAKER II - Hate seeing those stupid little smile faces everywhere? Now's your chance to get even! You speed through a colorful candy shop in a wild game of tag. Eat all the goodies, and the smiling faces will leave you alone. Brush your teeth, and it's back for more!


Best of Electronic Arts Album (#7852)DDP (#9645)5¼

HARD HAT MAC - You are Hard Hat Mack®, a steel riveter high up on a skyscraper. But your progress is complicated by inspectors, objects falling from above, and neighborhood bullies. And even Hard Hat Mac can slip and fall if he's not careful!

PINBALL CONSTRUCTION SET - Challenge yourself with pinball games that you create! This super game provides five sample formats plus the versatility to build fast, action-packed games for the ultimate in pinball fun.

Public Domain Release No J-Card

Best of Broderbund, The (1984) (Coleco).ddp

SUPER FRONTLINE (#2631)DDP (#9637)5¼

You're a lone infantryman, fighting through treacherous terrain. The enemy comes at you from all sides; counterattack with your pistol and grenades before it's too late! The battleground changes constantly, but you have a wide choice of weapons systems at your command. When enemy tanks close in, leap into your own tank and fight back! Use your bazooka, or hunt for your helicopter! You are faced with alternate missions and different battlefields, all with superb Super Game graphics! The four triggers on the Super Action"" controllers are used to fire your weapons, throw a grenade, rotate your weapon clockwise or counter-clockwise and more! You can also use the ADAM"" Keyboard to strategically maneuver! Either way, it's the most realistic combat game ever!


$25,000 PRYAMID (#7717)DDP (#9655)5¼

Work your way through the pyramid, correctly completing topics. Can you make it to the Bonus Round?



JEOPARDY (#7716)DDP (#9654)5¼

Here's that famous television quiz show captured on a video game! Read the answer, then use your wits to supply the correct questions. Choose your category ... just like on TV! With new mental challenges at every turn, it's a game everybody wants!

Public Domain Release No J-Card

Jeopardy (1984) (Coleco) (Prototype).ddp

Jeopardy (1984) (Coleco) (Prototype).dsk

PASSWORD (#7709)

Two 2-player teams compete with one another. Each side is trying to get one partner to say the key word by giving alternating one-word clues.


PASSWORD PLUS (#7712)DDP (#9650)

Two 2-player teams compete with one another. Each side is trying to get one partner to say the key word by giving alternating one-word clues.



THE PRICE IS RIGHT (#7711)DDP (#9649)5¼

Try your hand at guessing the closest prices! Another TV classic.

THE JOKER'S WILD (#7713)DDP (#9651)5¼

A QUiZ game with a twist! Based on the syndicated TV favorite.


TIC TAC DOUGH (#7714)DDP (#9652)5¼

The TV variation of the popular classic with fascinating Questions to answer as you plot X's and O's across the board.


WHEEL OF FORTUNE (#7715)DDP (#9653)5¼

Spin the electronic roulette wheel, and try to guess the righf lefters. Point values double halfway through.


SmartFiler Personal Datebook, Diary & Time Manager (#7802)

Makes it easier than ever before to set up a comprehensive, long-term electronic datebook . The diary function allows you to create a permanent record of daily activities



SmartFiler Home Budgeting and Financial Organizer (#7800)

This comprehensive program allows you to develop a complete home budgeting schedule.


Type Write (#7602)

Released as ExpertType.

ExperType (1984) (Coleco).ddp
ExperType (1984) (Coleco).dsk


SmartBASIC II (#7611)

Advanced graphics and sound expand BASIC program capability. Users can control sound and sprites (the onscreen animated objects) from BASIC. And if the 64K Memory Expander is utilized, even larger, more complex programs can be written.

SmartBASIC v2.0 (1984) (Coleco) (Prototype).dsk

COLORFORMS® Electronic Crayons (#7650)

Uses the system game controller to create an infinite variety of graphics! 16 different colors available, producing a wide variety of color choices. Mistakes erase away easily.

B&W J-Card Released Only

Market Monitor (1986) (Coleco (Canada) Limitee').dsk

B&W J-Card Released Only

Tax Planner (198x) (Coleco (Canada) Limitee').dsk

Released in France as "MACADAM"












TOOL KIT (#7606)

Makes programming with the CP/M® Operating System simpler than ever! Advanced ADAMTM programmers can now gain complete control over all of the system's vast capabilities, because the CP/M® PROGRAMMER'S TOOL KIT includes everything they'll need. A powerful Z80 macroassembler allows the writing of sophisticated programs in ASSEMBLY language, and a symbolic debugger allows them to debug easily. Also includes Linker and cross-reference utilities to ease program development. Requires purchase of PERSONAL CP/M® (sold separately). CP/ M'" is a registered trademark of Digital Research, Inc.

WORDSTAR (Westico)

SuperCalc 2 (#7633)

The most popular spreadsheet for CP/M® computers. A powerful tool that helps you solve the most complex "what if" financial modeling questions. Provides 63 columns by 254 rows. Advanced features include variable width columns, sorting by partial or entire rows or columns, consolidation of any number of spreadsheets, special formatting options like floating dollar signs, calendar and date calculations, and Answer Key for onscreen help. SUPER CALC'" is a registered trademark of SORCIM Corporation. ©1983 SORCIM ® Corporation. CP/M" is a registered trademark of Digital Research, Inc



Uruguay Mouse Trap


Uruguay ExpertType

Uruguay Chess

Uruguay Home Software Ligrary

Uruguay 4 Game Pack

J-card Backside

Uruguay NIX

J-card Backside

Uruguay 4 Game Pack

Uruguay Spanish LOGO

J-card Backside







Uruguay Dragon Fire

Autoboot DDP with a copyright "FLAHERTY 85"