Collected Modems/Wifi/FujiNet Adapters


Coleco ADAM 300Baud Modem
The ADAMLink Direct Connect Modem is an advanced 300 baud full duplex modem that couples directly to the user ' s telephone line, eliminating the need for additional interfaces or receiver cups. Included with the Modem is the ADAMLink SoftwareTelecommunicator package which allows the user to dial from the keyboard, wordwrap, and talk to other ADAM owners. Among the many uses for the ADAMLink Direct Connect Modern are electronic mail and banking, and a direct access to information services such as CompuServe, The Source, Dow Jones and ADAM On- Line.



Sydmodem 1200 Baud


MIB238 v7 with integrated Wifi
Although everything is documented on how to make your own on Eric Pearson’s MIB238 GitHub project page at, I’m offering a small run of these for those that don’t have the skills to build their own. These are fairly expensive to build because of build and test times, sourcing an obsolete part, and a few other specialty parts that aren’t cheap.
I’m going to approach this the same way the original MIB cards were sold, with the MIB238-WiFi card and cables sold separately so you can configure it the way you want to keep the cost down from needing unnecessary cables. This new version removes the serial port connector and replaces it with an integrated WiFi modem for up to 19.2k baud. It also has a terminal port for external 80 column support, parallel port for printer, boot PROM socket, and supplies a memory expander signal for memory expander cards over 64K.
Unlike the older version, if you just need WiFi modem, boot PROM, and expander signal, then there is no need for an external cable coming out of the console. This version saves on the cost of a serial ribbon cable, external modem/WiFi modem, and external power supply.

ADAM Fuji Lite

This small variant has all the same power and capability as a standard FujiNet device except it utilizes a single ADAMnet activity LED.

ADAM Internal FujiNet/Bluetooth

This is a hardware variant based off the official ADAM FujiNet design. It has been modified to mount internally into an ADAM Dummy Data Drive assembly (not supplied) and uses a full-sized SD card slot. The great developers of the FujiNet project and their willingness to allow anyone to build units without restriction made this build possible. More FujiNet project information and future firmware updates can be found on the official FujiNet website at




The ADAM FujiNet is a multi function peripheral for the Coleco ADAM Family Computer. It currently provides floppy disk emulation, DDP (cassette) emulation, printer emulation and an all new network device. This single device has everything you need to use the Colecovision ADAM in the 21st century.

FujiNet has a built-in CONFIGuration disk that loads when you start up the ADAM. In CONFIG, you can setup your WiFi network and select which disk images to mount in the virtual drives. Disks can be loaded from the on board MicroSD card socket or from TNFS servers over the internet or your own personal server.

FujiNet Prototype

Pre production test devise in limited distribution.

Low Cost FujiNet V1.6